Baby and maternity clothes
 {My cat Tigger}

Cat's out of the bag! I'm having a baby and I'm having a boy! It has been a very rough pregnancy so far and being pregnant has been kind to my bank account. The first 3 months were hard with all day sickness and had no interesting in shopping, not even online shopping. I rarely never want to shop but luckily my Oniomania  past helped out! Below is a pile of baby clothes that I've bought throughout the years, I was also shopping and bought whatever I found cute. Turns out my son already has a very large wardrobe, what a lucky little boy! 

The worse part about pregnancy is maternity clothes! The mall maternity stores in Canada are a complete joke and a specialty maternity store is over priced. Luckily for me I was in the states a month ago and picked up a few items. 

{J Brand - 34112 Maternity Rail - $216 USD}

I found these jeans at maternity store in Florida and paid about $216 for them which is already cheaper then normal J Brand jeans at Holts. Early in my pregnancy the jeans would cut into me because they are very low rise and the side panels weren't comfortable. Now that my baby bump is in full view the jeans are stretched to allow more room for the bump and don't dig into me anymore. Most maternity jeans have extra fabric that you're suppose to roll over your bump and J Brand was the only brand that didn't have the extra fabric. 

{BCBG - Silk long sleeve top - $248}

Maternity clothes are a joke - Oversize and plain, unable to find anything dressy. Luck for me I have a large wardrobe myself and have been able to wear most of my normal tops. I have a few tops from BCBG (like the picture above) that are dressy enough for work and still comfortable for my baby bump. Most of my Helmut Lang pieces are loose, work great with the baby bump and are my go to for the weekends. For basic tees and tanks I have always loved The Gap and Gap Maternity has great soft basics; too bad Canada doesn't carry Gap Maternity.

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