Mommy Monday Problems

Excuse the almost clean bibs, keeping anything clean has been a challenge lately.

I wish going into motherhood someone had told me that not all bibs are the same. During the first 6 months the two bibs below functioned the same, but now that my son's older they are no longer on equal playing grounds.

Velcro is great for easy on and offs but that's the exact problem I have; my son can now easily remove his own bib! Not so great when I'm feeding him mushy peas and he removes the dirty bib to wave around. Snap buttons on the other hand will stay in place no matter how hard my son pulls and trust me, he tries hard!

{Right: Bib with snaps - $7.98 for 3 bibs - Child of Mine Carters for Walmart}
{Left: Bib with Velcro - Carters}

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