Will Work For Good Jewelry

My latest obsession!! So pretty and dramatic, sexy and larger than life!

opal necklaceOpal BraceletObelisk
{Left: Opal Necklace by PRERTO $320 USD}
{Center: Opal Bracelet by PRERTO $186 USD}
{Right: Obelisk Earrings by PRERTO $125 USD}

Saharsairah II
{Left: SAHAR Necklace by PRERTO $196 USD}
{Right: Sairah II Choker by PRERTO $155 USD}

Emerald Moonlitpearl-blue-ditiLaurel Pearl Danglers
{Left: Emerald Moonlit Earring by PRERTO $218 USD}
{Center: Pear Blue Diti Earring by PRERTO $167 USD}
{Right: Laurel Pearl Danglers Earring by PRERTO $144 USD)

{Iwan Bracelet/Ring by PRERTO $130 USD}

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