For The Love of Coach!

10+ years ago my very first so called designer bag was from Coach (white clutch below). It was $400 USD from the Buffalo Coach Outlet and I just HAD to have it. I won't lie, I still love it today but rarely find the occasion to use it. I've had a lot of Coach bags since but memorable Coach bag is the pink shoulder back below. Something about the pearly pink leather, gold hardware and girly design really caught my eye. I haven't seen anything similar from Coach before so I still hold on to this bag. 

Times have changed and my taste in designer bags have changed drastically. As the brand became more and more mainstream, I had lost my connection to the brand and never looked back... Until two weeks ago. Yes I've noticed the brand and design changes in Coach recently but it wasn't enough to draw me into the stores. I was out Mother's Day shopping with my mom and we ventured into Coach, much to my surprised I was shocked to how different the brand is now. The designs are back to basic focusing on classic silhouettes and more focus on leathers versus canvas.

Image result for coach rogue shoulder bag
Coach Rogue Shoulder BagCoach Rogue Shoulder Bag Alternate View 2
{The Rogue Shoulder Bag in Black by Coach $700}

There is just something about this bags that makes me want to love Coach again! Love the grain leather, the simple silhouette and chain strap detail. I love it so much I even told my husband about it and I rarely tell him unless I REALLY want it. 

Coach Cooper CarryallCoach Cooper Carryall
{Left: Cooper Carryall in leather Dusty Pink by Coach $700}
{Right: Cooper Carryall in Suede Heather Grey by Coach $700}

I kind of want both!! Pink for the summer hot months and grey for the fall/winter months! I am in love with the bag shape and colours!!!

On sale now!

Coach Bandit Hobo 39Coach Bandit Hobo 39 Alternate View 2
{Bandit Hobo 39 in Heather Grey by Coach on sale for $410}

Looks like a really easy to wear hobo bag that's classic and elegant... Until you see maroon removable leather pouch. I would buy this for easy to go mommy days and just give the ugly leather pouch to any random person.

Coach Prairie SatchelCoach Chelsea Crossbody
{Left: Prairie Satchel in Bright Pink by Coach on sale for $177}
{Right: Chelsea Crossbody in Bright Pink by Coach on sale for $159}

Real snobby mom talk right now *You've been warned!!!* I'm actually considering both these basic mom bags that scream "I HAVE A KID, I KNOW I DON'T LOOK PUT TOGETHER BUT AT LEAST I'M TRYING".  I need a bag that will carry a water bottle, 10 different toddler snacks, an extra set of clothes, wipes, my massive wallet & personal items (aka my chapstick and self-esteem). Could I just buy one from winners? Absolutely not! Not happening, I'd rather look like a basic try hard mom then give up on my bag game. Yes some MAY say buying a Coach bag is pretty much giving up on myself and yes I could use my other bags but I'd rather my toddler sticky hands NOT touch my pretty bags. 

PS - This post was NOT sponsored by Coach, I'm just reverting to my basic bitch ways.

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