Zaful Surprise!

I can't believe how fast my package arrived! It only took 3 weeks from China to Canada! I'm super surprised and super impressed! 3 weeks ago I posted Valentine Day Kiss and after many hours on Zaful, I ended up ordering these three beauties.

V Neck Striped Slit High Low DressHigh Low Tied Sleeve Mini Dress
{Left: V Neck Striped Dress $16.67 from Zaful}
{Right: High Low Tied Sleeve Mini Dress $19.99 from Zaful}

Casual Floral A-Line Dress
{Casual Floral A-Line Dress $15.32 from Zaful

My 2 Cents:

First impression after I opened my package - WOW the dresses are individually packaged in really nice resealable bags! My mommy mind is thinking "The bags are really well made, great quality. I can reuse these for T (My son) wet clothes (Aka when he has accidents)!"

Second impression - I'm not just saying this because I was sponsored by Zaful but the material quality blew me away. The materials are soft and colours are vibrant, very similar to Anthropology quality. 

At first I was a bit scared to order clothing from China - We've all read the Buzzfeed horror stories about ordering from China BUT my experience was completely different. Below are comparison shots of what arrive and what was advertised on their site. I received EXACTLY what I ordered and couldn't be happier, maybe I just got lucky? Would I order from Zaful again? Hell yes!

Casual Floral A-Line Dress
{Left: My picture of the dress // Right: Picture from Zaful website}

V Neck Striped Slit High Low Dress
 {Left: My picture of the dress // Right: Picture from Zaful website}

I'm normally Medium/size 6 in Canadian clothing stores but I knew the clothes were coming from China so I went a size up to Large. The dresses do fit but are just a tad snug. I do like my clothing loose fitting so I think next time I would order an XL. It's important to note that clothing sizes in China are VERY different from North American sizing. A small in China is about an XS/XXS in North America, so that's just something to be aware of when ordering online. 

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