Dreaming High

Currently dreaming about the Birkin. Hubby promised me a Birkin if one of the two happened:
  1. He gets his dream car, I get the Birkin. Doesn't sound too far fetched because he doesn't want a NEW dream car, he's very happy with buying a used car. Birkins can only be accepted new, used is not acceptable.
  2. I get my full licence, which means getting my learning's then take the drivers test and passing my final highway test. Sounds easy right? Yeah no it's really not! I'm scared of driving because {sorry to say} I'm a woman PLUS I'm Asian PLUS I live in an Asian filled area!! So it's better if I'm off the road.
In the meantime, I'll just dream about which size I want...

{Birkin Sizes}

Can't stop a girl from dreaming... Dear Hubby: I would like a white Birkin with gold hardware, any leather is fine in the 30CM or 35CM. Thank You! From your loving wife!


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