Fit Just For Me

A blazer to me is like the perfect pair of jeans for any woman; hard to find and frustrating to look for. Now to think of it any type of outer wear is hard for me! I'm 5'1, short torso, longer legs, my waist is 1 inch below my boobs, got a muffin-top belly and a boxy body figure, wow don't I sound amazing? Normal blazers are to fitted and narrow around the waist (which is around my belly since I'm so short) AND usually won't button. If you have my body type then this blazer is just for you! The Club Monaco Abbie Blazer is boxy, longer, larger fit yet slim in the arms and not narrow at the waist. Just perfect for me!

{Club Monaco: Abbie Blazer on sale for $149 available in black, grey and navy}

Okay so this cut is also known as a boyfriend cut blazer. I'm smart and picked this up in every colour because who knows when I'll find the perfect blazer again!

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