BCBG Kick Start To Spring - Summer

For those who know me are aware that I am obsessed with BCBG and it's a rather unhealthy obsessing for my husbands bank account. I only wish that BCBG would use better fabrics to justify the cost of their garments, of course the better fabrics are used on their Runway line $$$$. I hope that one day "Polyester" will no longer exist but until then here is my shopping wish list:
 {Left: Elicia Print-Block Top $138 // Right: Cyprien V-Neck Color-Block Top $178}

Not exactly what I'd wear to work but I'm sure I can work it somehow

I absolutely love my BCBG bandage skirts so I'm hoping this skirt will give me the same look but more flirty.

I like how the front already has the tucked in look, great for nights at the buffet.

 {Left: Maggie Silk Blouse $248 // Right: Guy Tuxedo Jacket $248}

For days when I feel monochromatic, which is almost most days.

A few years ago BCBG came out with this dress in a deep purple. I love the style but didn't like how the deep purple wasn't versatile enough but with this pattern is, it can be formal or casual.

 {Left: Agnes Long Skirt Dress $338 // Right: Runway Britte Dress $398}

Both these dresses seem a bit long for my 5'1 body but I'd still wear it!

 {Left: Runway Miri Strapless Dress $428 // Right: Runway Odette Long-Sleeve Dress $468}

Let's forget that it's from the runway collection and focus on how pretty these dresses are. Sure it's over $400 for a dress you could probably only wear once due to it's unique style but who cares it's pretty!

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Kristen said...

I looked for the draped top too last Sunday at Fairview. I couldn't find it. Me like.