Jumping Jumpsuits!

This is a short girls dream: To wear jumpsuits and it looking proper on without looking shorter. I have the long legs and just need a longer torso.

{Francis Scarf-Print Romper $198}

This just screams SUMMER! Again the polyester factor kills me since summer heat and polyester don't really mix very well. Not something I'd wear in 35 degree weather but maybe something for a night dinner date. 

I'd wear this to a wedding or some type of formal event. I have mixed emotions about having a less weddings to attend, I love wedding attires but weddings cost so much!

I have no idea when I would wear this, it's not casual enough to wear daily or dressy enough to wear to events.

I believe this should be on sale in stores now. Surprisingly enough the pant proportion fits me perfectly but the top blouse is WAYY to long for me. {Sad Face} I really love this. 

  {Runway Luna Jumpsuit $428}

The style is very 80's BUT its made from silk! Dressy and casual, all depends on how you accessorize it.

{Runway Leona Jumpsuit $498}

This is a style that not everyone can pull off. I love the pants but not crazy with the lace shoulders. 

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