Chanel Dreams

I clearly haven't been on the Chanel website for a long time because I just realized that they now post the prices online!!!!! Nothing is more embarrassing then going into the stores to drool over bags then get all wide eyed "OMG it cost THAT MUCH??" in front of the sales staff. Then you have to play it cool and slowly put the bag down, take a few steps back then run the other way. With prices online I can freakout in the comfort of my own home.

Things I want but can't afford

{Chanel Metal & Crystal Earrings $450 CAD}
Okay I can afford this but it's still crazy

{Bottom Left: Chanel Brooch $685 CAD}

I've always wanted a classic Chanel Brooch. It's too In-Your-Face to wear to work and awkward to wear on the weekends. Guess I have no idea how I'll wear it but I want one just for the hell of it. 

I just NEED this bag. Caviar leather which is a A LOT more durable, I don't think I have this type of pink bag (I might but who knows), gold hardware just screams me and it looks like the bag MIGHT be a cross-body which is mommy friendly. I just need $4,050 plus tax and I'm good to go!

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