Shoe Closet

Let's just take a moment to stare at Queen Mariah Carey's Shoe Room/Closet. 
 All white and gold, nicely organized by style, boots all perfectly aligned together and that pink chair. I proudly admit to spending hours just staring at her closet pictures, it's a masterpiece just perfect.

In my sad attempt to create my own shoe closet, I considered buying the famous Ikea Billy bookcase with glass windows. It's cheap, functional and typical to get the Billy system, however I just wasn't willing to spend the $150 plus on it. After a long time of procrastinating, I finally gave in and went to Ikea to buy the Billy Bookcase. I had everything measured out and was willing to fork out the money for two bookcases, then this happened. I just so happened to walk into the "AS IS" sections and found this beauty! $39 for the Hindo cabinet and it has glass doors! Bonus! I quickly loaded my cart with all the Hindo sale cabinets I could find (I found 3) and raun off to pay like it was an Ikea commercial.


Okay so this isn't the best picture but here it is! The start of my shoe room! Metal shelf's will be easier to clean than white shelf's. I like to keep shoe boxes so having space below and above the cabinet helps. Regardless of the pros & cons, nothing beats $39 a cabinet!!! This just means more money for more shoes!

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